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Creating Your Own Marketing Makes Good $ and Sense
ISBN: 0-924050-01-2 by Ira S. Kalb

E-Marketing: What went wrong and how to do it right
ISBN: 0-924050-11-X by Ira S. Kalb
Fundamentals of High-Technology Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know ISBN: 0-924050-08-X by Ira S. Kalb $56.95

Marketing Your Legal Services
ISBN: 0-924050-03-9 by Ira S. Kalb

Nuts & Bolts Marketing
ISBN: 0-924050-06-3 by Ira S. Kalb
Selling High-Tech Products and Services
ISBN: 0-924050-04-7 by Ira S. Kalb
Structuring Your Business For Success
ISBN: 0-924050-02-0 by Ira S. Kalb
Zero-Budget Marketing
ISBN: 0-924050-05-5 by Ira S. Kalb

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